In the first quarter of this semester, students have acquired a foundational understanding of the multifaceted nature of international leadership, particularly the global implications and challenges that arise in this context. They have explored the interconnectedness of different regions, industries, and cultures, understanding how global events, policies, and economic shifts can have ripple effects across international markets and communities. This holistic view has enabled them to appreciate the complexity of decision-making processes in a globalised world. Furthermore, students have delved into the critical mindset required for leaders to effectively guide organisations in such a dynamic environment. They have learned that international leaders must exhibit cultural intelligence, demonstrating empathy and adaptability when working with diverse teams. They have also studied the importance of ethical leadership, recognising that decisions made at the highest levels can significantly impact global stakeholders.

Overall, the first quarter has laid a solid foundation for students to navigate the complexities of international leadership, equipping them with the knowledge and mindset to lead effectively in a rapidly changing world.