Advanced English 3 (Qualification English)

The two main purposes of Advanced English 3 are to prepare students participating in the English Professional Program and to help students in the Teaching Professional Program acquire practical teaching skills in English education. The English Professional Program is one of Kokusai Gakubu’s Concentration Package Programs and in the program, students have an intensive English language program at ELC in Adelaide University and learn how to teach by teaching Japanese language and culture to people in Australia using their English skill.

Currently there are about 20 students from 2nd year to 4th year in this class. They will all have chances to teach three times in groups. The first one is to demonstrate English teaching techniques written in the textbook, Practical Techniques. The second one is to use the techniques and give a mini lesson aimed at a junior high or high school English class. The third one is to do a Japanese culture workshop which some of them will do when they go to Australia.

In Week 8, the three groups did a rehearsal for July19th Japanese culture workshop. On that day, we will invite international students and other students to our class. Three groups will do a Japanese culture workshop about Ninja, Japanese summer festivals, and Japanese New Years. Using the rest of the term, they will improve their workshops and continue to learn how to teach English by teaching.