English 3 (Communication): Practicing to become digital citizens

In English 3 (Communication), students just finished making group presentations based on a fictional “themed” trip to Japan. All semester long, students have been building backgrounds of AVATARs: fictional characters that they created in the first week of class. Beginning with gender and names, they have generated a lot of information about their characters. While the characters come from different countries, religions and family types, the one thing the avatars have in common is an interest in Japan and Japanese culture. 

With this Project, groups of 4 students had to communicate and collaborate in planning a multi-day trip to Japan. The themes they chose were based on finding common ground within the interests of their Avatars. Themes for this year included: Nature, Museums, Onsens, Christianity, Ramen and Cycling. 

Recent class time has been devoted to the concept of “Digital Citizenship” and the 9 themes of what it means to be a digital citizen. Once they had an understanding of this important topic, they were pointed to Adobe Character where they made their own animations to explain one of the 9 themes. Students voted on the animations they liked best, and those are included below.

Below are some of the videos made by students: