KITAMURA, Kenji (北村 健二)

Associate Professor

PhD (Environment)
Classes: Applied Studies in International Development & Aid 1, Global Seminar 1-2, Global Studies 1-4, Research Project 3-4, Theory of International Development Aid 4, Project 1-2

I have experienced various jobs such as local governments, international cooperation organizations, and research institutes. I also have the experience of visiting various places in Japan and overseas and staying for a long time for study abroad and field research, and these have become my foundation.

In the first year of the classes I am in charge of, I aim to master the basic learning methods at university and learning that will enhance the results of studying abroad. In classes from the second year onwards, students learn about environmental conservation, participatory development, regional development, etc. based on their own interests.

Research Interests: Regional Development, Natural Environment

What is the mechanism for coexistence of natural environment conservation and regional development? “I continue to search for the answer to this question.” This is not something far away, it is relevant to all aspects of our daily lives. In other words, it is also a question of how people in various positions can work together to achieve a common goal. I would like to find the answer to this difficult question while learning from various people, including students.

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