KOMATSU, Hisae (小松 久恵)

Assistant Dean, Associate Professor

PhD (Hindi)
Classes: Global Seminar 1 & 2, Global Studies1 -4, Globalism, Introduction to Global and Local Cultures, Research Project 1 - 4

Your “common sense” may be different from someone else’s “common sense”. There are a wide variety of cultures in the world, and there is no superiority or inferiority. When you come into contact with a different culture, when you learn about the social conditions of another country, don’t just say, “I feel sorry for the people of XX” or “I’m glad I’m Japanese.” I want you to acquire the habit of collecting information correctly, knowing the cultural background, and understanding and considering it. In doing so, I would like to see not only Western countries but also Asian countries. My classes, such as “Glocal Theory,” “International and Regional Cultural Relations,” and “Research Project,” provide a variety of opportunities for this.

Research Interests: Hindi Literature, Representation of Women, Indian Area Studies, Multicultural Understanding

I am researching literature written in Hindi, especially representations of women. Through my research, I always feel that India is full of diversity, and that the more I know about it, the more things I don’t understand. It is difficult to understand the true meaning of “foreign country” and “different culture”. However, the attitude of trying to learn and maintaining interest are essential qualities as a member of the global society. In the future, India will continue to increase its presence in the world. Fortunately, at present, relations between Japan and India are very friendly. I believe that I am contributing to society in the sense that I am playing a part in cultural exchange with India.

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