MBA ENGLISH 経営学の基礎知識と英語を身につける

Global Business 1

I am actively working to establish a Business Intensive Course on an online platform (utilizing our existing Learning Management System). The goal is to enhance the effectiveness of learning business terms by focusing on real-world street experience rather than relying solely on textbooks. I recently published my own paperback, which delves into MBA-specific business terms through case studies and frameworks.  This resource aims to make complex business concepts accessible to even younger students, enabling them to grasp practical solutions for real-world business challenges. During my classes, I leverage familiar PowerPoint slides commonly used in regular courses. However, I enhance these slides with my own narration, providing students with a deeper understanding of business concepts. This approach benefits even those who haven’t previously encountered real-world business scenarios. In my online course, students engage in self-directed study using internet tools like Dropbox and automated PowerPoint presentations. The content is carefully crafted, combining academic rigor with practical insights. Beyond acquiring general knowledge and business skills, students gain valuable insights into effective management practices. Next month, I plan to assess the effectiveness of teaching business terms and frameworks to less experienced students. I’ll gather feedback and evaluate their overall perception of the course.