Global Business Skills

My commitment to enhancing the educational experience extends beyond the virtual classroom. I am trying to launch a web-based learning system that uses CSV adaptive testing format. This format allows students to absorb various knowledge by repeatedly answering quiz questions that appear on their PCs. Students can enjoy taking web-based tests as if they are playing a game. The difference between taking tests and enjoying a general game lies in whether students can absorb knowledge of business, which is complex and filled with difficulty.

Before entering academia, my background involved real trading in apparel products. This included obtaining brand licenses from Europe and the U.S., launching marketing strategies for sales in Japan, designing products tailored to Japanese consumers, and managing bulk production capacity in Asian factories with quality control. These processes require familiarity with numerous professional business terms to ensure accuracy in business transactions.

Especially when it comes to wording, students must use appropriate business terms to maintain clarity and accurately convey the business context.