Global Studies 4

As November begins, the climate is getting more comfortable for learning, but the classroom is getting hotter than August, due to the enthusiasm that fills the students to participate in the group work using Google Cloud.

This tool enables students to share and create materials from anywhere and anytime, and to make presentations by collecting information from the textbook and the internet. The students are getting familiar with Google Cloud, Google Scholar, VPN, and Chat GPT, not only to collect the information to create their own thesis, but also to select the needed information to avoid making wrong decisions based on fake news and unverified sources. The students are learning to make critical reasoning for making decisions without false assumptions.

After several weeks, maybe in the next month, we will focus on the students’ growth in the aspect of discussion, which is yet to be carried out in this classroom. There, we are looking forward to seeing the students’ skills to carry out lively discussions based on critically elaborated reasoning in their daily conversations in the classroom.