Global Studies 4

Our classes are small, with only about 20-25 students who have less experience, knowledge and skills, but are young enough to have the potential to grow into future leaders of various organizations. Our school is supported by each unique teacher who acts as an evangelist of the qualities needed to be a leader with values, vision, determination, and knowledge that can make a positive and meaningful impact in all areas of our vast society. Our classes are where aspiring leaders are nurtured, motivated, and empowered. Through teaching, coaching and mentoring, we foster collaboration, discussion, presentation and research for thesis writing, based on the partnerships of teamwork in the classes across multiple disciplines, creating and sharing knowledge and insights. Our passion for serving our students drives us to be catalysts that have the power to transform the world. We encourage our students to unleash themselves to the new world without any limitation, with their creative vision, mission, and values to sustain, contribute, and lead the world.