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Project 1D: Discussion on tourism and hospitality business

Our theme of this class is about Tourism and Hospitality. We are trying to investigate this field in terms of communication, foreign language usage, business and marketing opportunity. In April and May, after brainstorming, we reviewed the historical and worldwide tourism by now and started our discussion in recent tourism and hospitality business tendencies. Especially, due to the last pandemic, the circumstances around the tourism have changed a lot. In addition, here in Japan, we are welcoming many tourists recently and we have to consider the sustainable and new ways of tourism and business.

Therefore, in class, we discussed some examples including following aspects:

  • Introduction of national and regional policies
  • Languages and ICT usage -Company research (in which each student is interested)
  • Customer services and recent employment tendencies
  • Focus on airlines, hotel business, and tour guiding

From next month, each student starts their presentation based on their research on these topics. Also, they can be creative and think about the new business possibilities on tourism and hospitality. This research could be useful for preparation and prospect of their job interviews in the near future.

References for the recent inbound data: