Theory of International Development & Aid II

After learning about NGOs and NPOs, we invited Mr. Noriaki Imai, President of NPO DxP, who gave a lecture on “Initiative to Prevent Teenagers’ Isolation: The Reality of Marginalized Children and Youth and Efforts to Create Connections”. The students’ comments after the lecture showed the deep impact of the lecture on their awareness of the social isolation of youth and their enthusiastic yet strategic efforts to help them. We learned about the similarities of marginalized youth and families on a global scale. Based on this learning, the students are currently working as a team to plan their own NPO/NGO projects to help marginalized youth in both Japan and the Philippines.

One student wrote:

“Reflecting on the past and present lessons, I feel inspired to make a positive contribution to society and the world, no matter how small my impact may be. The stories shared proved that change is possible, even when it seems like individual efforts can’t make a difference. Many of the nonprofits we’ve discussed began as simple ideas that, with the right collaboration, grew into something significant and impactful. These organizations have touched the lives of many people. For our group project, I look forward to researching and exploring ideas that could potentially become a reality. The NPO’s presented in class show that small actions, when combined with passion, dedication, and like-minded people, can lead to substantial change.”