AE2 Critical Thinking

This month in AE2, we have continued going through the book and learning about the different factors that can influence our thinking. While most students are reading the Japanese version of the text, this is okay as the main focus of this course is on the content (critical thinking). After students have come to grips with that, then they can move towards expressing themselves in English. One recent activity had students looking at an infographic that explained 50 different cognitive biases. For homework, students chose one of them that had influenced their own thinking or decision making in their real lives. Back in class, the students each gave a “flash presentation” where they explained in both English and Japanese. This activity emphasized the dual goals of the class: to understand and recognize aspects that affect our thinking, and therefore how to be a critical thinker, while also practicing expression of ideas and communication in English. Soon, the students will learn about their class projects that will help them to build on what they have learned.