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Global Seminar 1

Global Seminar 1 prioritizes the acquisition of essential skills, knowledge, and information necessary for first-year students to adapt to campus life and develop academic abilities and appropriate attitudes as members of OGU.

Inside the classroom, students have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and cross-cultural learning environment. They study alongside international students, collaborate closely with friendly professors, and participate in active learning activities such as presentations, discussions, debates, and group work.

Our classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art broadband ICT infrastructure, providing students with various options to access databases and gather information for developing critical thinking and proposing solutions to complex problems.

Students are mandated to bring their own laptops instead of smartphones. They are instructed to learn how to utilize a website designed for collaborative purposes, where they can collectively share presentation files and contribute their ideas remotely through the internet in real-time.

A crucial objective of the course is to empower students to explore logical and sustainable solutions to a wide range of issues arising from globalization, drawing upon the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they acquire throughout the program.


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