Global Studies 3F: Learning by Discussing

During the past several weeks of the Spring Semester, the class listened to oral presentations by the teams, each of which consists of four to five students. In these presentations, each team summarized the key points of the chapter they chose from the textbook, explained each member’s selected article from the online materials and how that article relates to the concepts described in the textbook. This was a rather challenging and complicated task for academic presentations at a university, particularly for the second-year students. However, all the teams worked in good collaboration and gave impressive presentations. At the end of each presentation, the team posed a question at the class for further discussion. Based on the contents presented, everyone in the class had a chance to think of formidable issues surrounding cultural diversity and inclusion, and how to overcome the barriers. By exchanging opinions with each other, the class as a whole has been able to deepen the understandings of many issues in our society. The topics covered include race, ethnicity, religion, pop culture, and tourism, and so on.