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Global Studies 3F: What Is Cultural Diversity?

Global Studies 3 is a required course for all the students in the Faculty of International Studies, offered basically in the spring semester of their second year. This year, there are six classes and each student belongs to one of them. In the F Class, we first learned who we are, by a series of self-introduction. In this activity, we made use of a tool called Study Pathways, a framework developed in our faculty. After the initial implementation for the past two years, the framework was modified this year so that it would be integrated better within the overall class activities. Each student writes down their characters, wishes, concerns, and so on, and then shares them with one another in the class. The main topic of the course is cultural diversity. We naturally understand there are diverse ways of thinking even within this class. To broaden and deepen our learning, we use two materials. One is a textbook that covers basic knowledge, mainly from anthropological and sociological perspectives, of our culture(s) and society(ies) in the times of globalization. The other is an online news medium that illustrates major issues and their backgrounds in an easy-to-read manner. Using these learning resources, the students have begun their research and presentations both individually and collaboratively.