Global Studies 4

We are pleased to welcome the beginning of the fall semester of Global Studies 4, a class for Otemon’s first-class faculty and students who are eagerly seeking for growth.

This semester, the objective of our classes is to acquire the basic knowledge, information, skills, and learning attitude necessary for studying at university. We would put priority on asking students to absorb academic skills, such as the ability to read literature, write reports, and present. As for the lecture method, we are focusing on the interaction between the colleagues, taking group work, presentation, and using ICT. The purpose is to achieve the following three points:

  • Able to use ICT appropriately.
  • Able to collect materials appropriately.
  • Able to create reports with appropriate structure.

Our main objective is to include acquiring the basic knowledge and skills necessary for university studies, such as how to use the library and how to use a PC (basic). In addition, students will learn the structure of a logical paper writing, formulate questions, and write a report based on the textbook “Basics of Essays and Reports.” Students will be able to personally simulate problems that may arise in global society and use the skills they have acquired to logically and independently derive solutions.