Introduction to American History and Culture

The eleventh week has just been over of the Introduction to American History and Culture class. The students are supposed to write a final report on American history and culture which they have to submit in the final week of this semester. They look busy to review the topics that we discussed up in the past lessons. Last week we argued how America entered the World War II and the Americans dealt with the second red scare after the war. The war completely changed the relationship between Japan and America. We also considered why the nuclear weapons were used in the war. To answer this question is a little bit too difficult but to try to find the answer is very important beyond a mere emotional opinion as is depicted in a commercial movie in general. Next week, we are going to focus on the cold war era we experienced after the war. It will be revealed that Japan had a partnership with the USA and was pro-capitalism which made a foundation for the current globalization we have got caught up in.

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